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CASSPOS a.s. is the private manufacturing and trading company. At present it consits of two manufacturing plants in Košice and Michalovce. The plant in Košice is focused on thin sheet metal processing on CNC –machines (burning, cutting , bending and punching) and it is the plant with a long tradition of mechanical engineering.

Skilled experts, manufacturing capacities and access to the customers constitute a sufficient basis for prospective development of production, which is oriented towards export to the EU.

The plant ZEST Michalovce is the enterprise with the rich mechanical engineering tradition and history, established in 1950. Since 1975 company started its expansion to the abroad markets with the main production program (the injection moulding machines CS, machine vices and double‐ wall tanks) which were exported to many countries.

On June 2000 ZEST was taken over by CASSPOS a.s. and at present the plant is focused on the production of steel aboveground and underground double‐wall tanks designed for petrol stations and storage of liquid. The machine vices of various types are the next focus of ZEST´s as well as steel welded units, supporting frames and base frames of woodworking, steel and aluminum processing technologies.

The basic technological operations with which we operate are: welding, turning, milling , drilling, grinding, bending, straightening, roll bending, burning, cutting, sanding, painting and heat treatment of our products.

Focus on ensuring of products quality and customers requirements are the highest priorities of our company, as evidenced by the quality certificate ISO 9001:2015 and the welding certificate EN ISO 3834‐2:2006. The team of experienced staff ensures that you will receive the highest attention and get products and services of the required quality level.

At present our own products, aboveground and underground storage tanks and steel tanks, machine vices, petrol stations and also various steel frames and constructions for Germany, Slovakia and Australia, are the main focus of our production.

Besides, we offer the free production capacities for metalworking, turning, milling, drilling, bending, grinding, heat treating, sandblasting, painting, classic welding and welding with welding automatic machines.

If you consider establishing business cooperation with our company,

do not hesitate and please contact us.